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Having left the UK in 1994 I was fed up with the cold dark mornings and constant rain.

I have lived in Asia, Middle East and now southern Europe. I have always felt compelled to travel and experience different countries, culture and the warmer climate. The sense of adventure of living in a foreign land away from the daily grind of living in the UK.

The SFM allows me to travel and the time freedom that I never had before. I started off at 16 as an Apprentice Electrician, getting my qualification, going on to my last job as Project Construction Superintendent, working on a 12 Billion USD Natural Gas Processing plant in the Middle East.

I was previously working 6 or 7 days week 72 hours a week, feeling tired and unfulfilled, working in a job that had no security, with the constant fear of losing my job with the present economic climate, I felt trapped in the system.

I was able to change and make a shift, the SFM has improved my well being, having time for my personal nutrition health and fitness, I am working within a community of leaders who are all collaborative and supportive. Providing me with technical support as and when required.

The SFM lifestyle whereby I can pick up and go, the freedom to work from anywhere that basically has a wifi connection. The possibilities are endless when you can generate an income that allows you the freedom to work anywhere at anytime.


– Lawrence Billington
AfAffiliate Marketer

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